About the Dallas Area Drug Prevention Partnership

The Dallas Area Drug Prevention Partnership (DADPP) is an outgrowth of the Cheese/Heroin Task Force, which was established in March 2007 to address the growing concern over cheese/heroin overdose deaths. Since January 2009, DADPP has been working to reduce the incidence and impact of heroin, marijuana and prescription drugs.


DADPP has developed critical relationships within the community to increase collaboration and create drug prevention strategies. DADPP represents a collaborative effort that is based on the simple premise that local people are in the best position to solve specific local problems. People are more likely to support what they help create and change is most likely to occur when the process engages many facets of a community in a collaborative approach. The coalition is a collaboration of the following groups: concerned citizens, law enforcement personnel, educators, substance abuse prevention and treatment professionals, health care providers, government officials, faith based organizations, churches, area youth, and other area coalitions targeting youth. Together they facilitate accurate data collection, educate youth, parents and the community, promote healthy media messages and conduct community outreach.

DADPP implements evidence – based environmental strategies that make a positive impact on youth in the Dallas area. Environmental strategies are aimed at population-level change and seek to (1) limit youth access to substances (2) change the culture and contexts within which decisions about substances are made, and (3) reduce the prevalence of negative consequences associated with substance use. These environmental strategies create community-wide change by challenging perceptions and increasing substance abuse awareness.

council-logo01The Council on Alcohol & Drug Abuse manages the Dallas Area Drug Prevention Partnership as the fiscal and programmatic agent. DADPP is a natural extension of the Council’s 69-year emphasis preventing problems with alcohol and other drugs before they occur, intervening when they do and promoting recovery for people already addicted.

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